When Photographs Become Paintings, the Magic Happens!

When Photographs Become Paintings, the Magic Happens!

by Bruce Finocchio

Not only when photographs have that mysterious painting look; it’s when they become paintings in the hands of a master painter, they become magical! 

Here is my image of the Tugwaan 5:4 or the Bicycle Crossing Male, from Londolozi Private Game Reserve. And side by side is Clint Eager’s painting from my photo of this magnificent male leopard. 

Clint is acrylic painter, originally, from South Africa, now working out of his small studio at his home in Florida. He saw my images from his native South Africa on my Flickr Photostream. This particular image was from my visit to South Africa in 2005 when I visited Kruger National Park and the for mentioned Londolozi Private Game Reserve. 

Clint was recently awarded Safari Club International Artist of the Year for 2020. He will be displaying his work, including this beautiful leopard painting, at the 48th Safari Club Annual Sportsman’s Convention in Reno Nevada, held February 5th through 8th, 2020. If you are in Reno or planning a trip there, don’t miss seeing Clint’s wildlife art in person. 

Clint’s wildlife paintings can be viewed on his website at https://www.clinteagardesign.com/wildlife-fine-art-shop/  Please take a look, and you’ll be enchanted and awed by his skill and artistry. 

More of my South African images can be viewed within my South African album at  https://www.flickr.com/photos/brucefinocchio/albums/72157670875583330

Here the meld between photography and acrylic painting came together to capture the essence and spirit of this impressive and grand male leopard. 

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