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The Quest

The Quest - fine art portrait for sale

This is the 5th in my fashion series. Using acrylic on canvas, and the use of acrylic modeling paste creating soft texture around the subject. “The Quest” as a title is used due to the look of passion, depth and mystery on her face. The dramatic color shows not only depth but adds further to the title itself. The gusting wind, long stare into the distance and depth of thought all come through on this piece. I received great fulfillment creati... Read More

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Crimson Golden Girl Acrylic on Canvas Board This piece is the 3rd in my fashion series, the most sophisticated yet. The use of rich layers of gold, the depth and texture, make this piece come alive. With the beautiful accent of deep crimson and aqua/teal gives this subject a wonderful fine art feel. Soft and flowing, yet graphically sharp, the 'Golden Girl' painting has the versatility in a wide variety of deco... Read More

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Clint Eagar Design

Make Life Beautiful – Clint Eagar Design Make Life Beautiful, is our goal at Clint Eagar Design. With our new Florida base, we have launched our art, wall Decor, sculpture and home décor business here in 2016. Participating in all the local organizations, art shows, exhibits, we received a great reception to our new lines our creativity. Now officially launching the 'Clint Eagar Design' Brand. We strive to keep creating an amazing variety a... Read More

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