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Clint Eagar’s New African Bull Elephant Painting

Africa Wildlife, elephant fine art painting from Clint Eagar Design Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach. Visit us for fine art, modern abstract, sculpture, art decor, unique fashion collection and gift. We are located on 30A

May 02, 2018, Clint Eagar Design Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL Industrial Designer and Artist Clint Eagar introduce his recent African Bull Elephant Acrylic Painting. "What a presence this Bull has standing out on the African plain". The painterly background effects, and dramatic colors, show off this magnificent animal in its Prime. Clint has captured the fantastic hide, with all its character and folds, as the sunlight touches his body. ... Read More

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Decorate Your Wall With Clint Eagar’s Fine Art

Decorate your wall with Clint Eagar's Fine Art from Clint Eagar Design Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL | Gallery near Destin, Panama City, FL

November 04, 2017 | Clint Eagar Design Gallery/Studio | Santa Rosa Beach, FL Decorate your wall with Clint Eagar's fine art, with fantastic detail, texture, depth, color and perspective in this "Harbor View" acrylic on canvas. The calm rolling hills in the background, lead your eyes into the collection of yachts and boats resting calm in the harbor. The masts reaching for the painterly sky as you make your way down the cypress and palms tre... Read More

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Magnolia Dream – 2

Magnolia Dream - 2 | Clint Eagar Sculpture Dimensional Wall Art | 3D realistic floral sculpture with modern art | Clint Eagar Design Gallery Oct 02, 2017 | Clint Eagar Design Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL Shown here is larger scale piece of the Magnolia theme by artist and designer Clint Eagar. Using his mixed medium techniques, and bold brush techniques, this work of art is not only dynamic in its presentation, but brings many Home Decor ... Read More

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Hydrangea Garden

Oct 02, 2017 | Clint Eagar Design Art Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach Hydrangea Garden | Sculptural Dimensional Wall Art Clint Eagar Design introduces Clint's new bar-relief sculptural botanical line. This piece embodies all of the elements and dimension of this series. With soft hues and value in petal colors, compliment well with the softer green tones of the leaves and background. The heads of the Hydrangea clusters just protrude far out from t... Read More

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Netflix “Grace and Frankie” Season 4 Signed Art Licensing Agreement with Clint Eagar Design

Floral Fine Art from Clint Eagar Design Art Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach. Art Gallery near Destin, Panama City.

Sept 07, 2017 Clint Eagar Design | Santa Rosa Beach, FL Summary Netflix “Grace and Frankie” production, a comedy-drama television series, with performances by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, has acquired paintings by Designer & Artist Clint Eagar for their Season 4 filming. The “Grace and Frankie” Production chose “Attraction”, “Day Dream”, “Golden Girl”, “Pink Blossom”, and “The Impact”. Clint Eagar Design Ga... Read More

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Introducing “Splash” for Spring 2017

Splash dimensional glass art

Destin, FL, February 28, 2017: Clint Eagar Design, a Florida based design firm that provides fine art, home accents, custom design services, introduces a new work of art, “Splash” for spring 2017. This is the first in the Series. Designer, Clint Eagar, has created this piece with torch glass techniques and sculptural water effects, using rain drops, water current flow. All glass sculpture pieces are integrated on the hand painted canvas with ... Read More

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Glass Reef

Fish Sculptural Wall Art from Clint Eagar Design Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL | Gallery near Destin, Panama City Glass Reef - Sculpture & Blowned Glass on Canvas Sculpture on canvas is new series offered by Clint Eagar Design, This new work of art is part of the new series of coastal abstracts. A template of soft irridescent colors of aqua,soft blue,grey and warm mixed tones of natural sand and lavender embellishments. Clint used bar-relief techniques, rice paper, sculptural shaping, glass and natu... Read More

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