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Business Spotlight on Design & Dwell Homes and Clint Eagar Design

Home Decor by Clint Eagar at Clint Eagar Design Gallery. We offer free design consultation. Visit us for wide range of fine art, sculpture, home decor, wearable art, jewelry, and gifts.

January 12, 2019 | Santa Rosa Beach, FL Clint Eagar Design Gallery / Studio Business Spotlight on Design & Dwell Homes and Clint Eagar Design Your home may be beautiful. Maybe it is immaculate, stylishly appointed to suit your tastes or highly upgraded with the finest materials and features. Perhaps it is all of these things. But unless you are one in a thousand, it is not "staged". Staging a home for sale is not a new concept, but it i... Read More

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Octopus Sculpture by Clint Eagar In Bali

Date :  Oct. 03, 2018 Clint Eagar Design | Santa Rosa Beach, FL A pleasant surprise from one of our good clients, with this wonderful image of their cozy backyard in Bali. Its always nice to see where our art pieces are placed for the enjoyment of our customers worldwide.   Clint Eagar, an Industrial Designer and Artist, owns his own gallery/studio gallery on 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, FL where he creates & produces his fi... Read More

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Open House For ‘Blue Bag Movement’

Clint Eagar Design Open House  Time : 1:00pm - 8:00pm Date : Oct 18, 2018  Location : Clint Eagar Design Gallery | Studio Blue Bag Movement of Foye Belle Foundation was founded by Chelsea Berler who was battling Stage 4 Triple Negative Breast Cancer at age of 33. She realized it was all about raising more awareness and supporting those going through the cancer fight and then Blue Bag Movement was born (learn more information at www.... Read More

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“Theo” Inspires Local Artist – Clint Eagar

'Save Sea Turtle', Artist Clint Eagar's painting of 'Theo'. The proceeds of Theo painting to be benefit the vision and mission of The friends of South Walton Sea Turtle. Visit Clint Eagar Design Gallery located on 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, FL for more 'Theo' gifts.

August 10, 2018 - Santa Rosa Beach, FL By South Walton Life Local Artist Clint Eagar got into the "Theo" spirit recently by painting a new rendition of Theo. Theo hopes to become the conscience of the Friends of South Walton Sea Turtles (FOSWST), a group of nearly 200 Volunteer Beach Ambassadors committed to educating the public about sea turtle vulnerability. So, when you think of Theo, think of keeping South Walton Beaches Clean, Dark ... Read More

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Clint Eagar Design Gallery Presents New Line of Wearable Art

Wearable Art Jewelry by Designer Gabriella Mirea, see more fine jewelry and designs at Clint Eagar Design Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

June 09, 2018 Santa Rosa Beach, FL Hey Girl! You just have to get over to Uptown Grayton Circle and check out the beautiful and one of a kind jewelry selection at Clint Eagar's Design Gallery / Studio. Local artist and designer, Gabriella Mirea, handcrafts her stunning and elegant pieces of jewelry from materials she has collected all over the world to include semi-precious gemstones such as crystal, turquoise, emeralds, large peals, precious ... Read More

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‘Wearable Art’ Open House

Join us for our Open House Thursday, May 31 from 11:00am - 8:00pm. Our theme is 'Wearable Art' and we will be featuring Clint Eagar's new works and special guest, French Jewelry Designer, Gabriella Mirea. Party featuring our wearable jewelry art that's all one of a kind! It will be an all-day affair! Come and enjoy beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry, 10% OFF ALL ART in the gallery, and light refreshments. Clint Eagar Design 57B Uptown Gr... Read More

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Clint Eagar’s New African Bull Elephant Painting

Africa Wildlife, elephant fine art painting from Clint Eagar Design Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach. Visit us for fine art, modern abstract, sculpture, art decor, unique fashion collection and gift. We are located on 30A

May 02, 2018, Clint Eagar Design Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL Industrial Designer and Artist Clint Eagar introduce his recent African Bull Elephant Acrylic Painting. "What a presence this Bull has standing out on the African plain". The painterly background effects, and dramatic colors, show off this magnificent animal in its Prime. Clint has captured the fantastic hide, with all its character and folds, as the sunlight touches his body. ... Read More

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Small Business Entrepreneur Thinks Big

Designer & Artist Clint Eagar

by Carolyn Edlund With an art background in big business, Clint Eagar was prepared to make his own entrepreneurial foray a success. Here’s how he did it.   I spoke with Florida-based artist Clint Eagar about his successful design studio, and how he’s been able to work with major brands, and expand his business in other ways, too. AS: How did your educational and work background affect your mindset and the way your art busine... Read More

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Decorate Your Wall With Clint Eagar’s Fine Art

Decorate your wall with Clint Eagar's Fine Art from Clint Eagar Design Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL | Gallery near Destin, Panama City, FL

November 04, 2017 | Clint Eagar Design Gallery/Studio | Santa Rosa Beach, FL Decorate your wall with Clint Eagar's fine art, with fantastic detail, texture, depth, color and perspective in this "Harbor View" acrylic on canvas. The calm rolling hills in the background, lead your eyes into the collection of yachts and boats resting calm in the harbor. The masts reaching for the painterly sky as you make your way down the cypress and palms tre... Read More

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People of South Walton – Clint Eagar of Clint Eagar Design

October 11, 2017 | Clint Eagar Design Art Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach,FL When you walk into Clint Eagar’s gallery in Grayton Beach, you might wonder how many artists have their work hanging in the gallery due to the varied techniques and mediums that range from sculptures, 3D canvases with detailed glass, modern and abstract art, home décor and acrylic landscapes. However, the answer is only one. Clint’s eclectic works incorporate a broad s... Read More

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Magnolia Dream – 2

Magnolia Dream - 2 | Clint Eagar Sculpture Dimensional Wall Art | 3D realistic floral sculpture with modern art | Clint Eagar Design Gallery Oct 02, 2017 | Clint Eagar Design Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL Shown here is larger scale piece of the Magnolia theme by artist and designer Clint Eagar. Using his mixed medium techniques, and bold brush techniques, this work of art is not only dynamic in its presentation, but brings many Home Decor ... Read More

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Hydrangea Garden

Oct 02, 2017 | Clint Eagar Design Art Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach Hydrangea Garden | Sculptural Dimensional Wall Art Clint Eagar Design introduces Clint's new bar-relief sculptural botanical line. This piece embodies all of the elements and dimension of this series. With soft hues and value in petal colors, compliment well with the softer green tones of the leaves and background. The heads of the Hydrangea clusters just protrude far out from t... Read More

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Clint Eagar, Winner In “What Floats Your Boat” Contest

September 26, 2017 | Clint Eagar Design Gallery / Studio | Santa Rosa Beach, FL Clint Eagar Design Gallery/Studio is thrilled to announce that Clint Eagar’s fine art “Floating” won the first place in the OFCA design contest “What Floats Your Boat?”. OFCA (The Old Florida Celebration of the Arts) is recognized as one of the Top 10 Art Fairs in America. The sense of realism that Clint conveyed in “Floating” is flawless. His use of... Read More

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Chanel Perfume Bottle Art by Clint Eagar

September 21, 2017, Clint Eagar Design | Art Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL Clint Eagar Design, Art Gallery / Studio in Santa Rosa Beach, FL,  introduces Clint Eagar's new Lux Collection.  In this collection, he will include several Chanel classic vintage art pieces. Chanel perfume bottle painting   This Chanel Perfume Bottle with use of modern color combinations and effortless style, our Fashion Series embodies the print world o... Read More

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Netflix “Grace and Frankie” Season 4 Signed Art Licensing Agreement with Clint Eagar Design

Floral Fine Art from Clint Eagar Design Art Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach. Art Gallery near Destin, Panama City.

Sept 07, 2017 Clint Eagar Design | Santa Rosa Beach, FL Summary Netflix “Grace and Frankie” production, a comedy-drama television series, with performances by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, has acquired paintings by Designer & Artist Clint Eagar for their Season 4 filming. The “Grace and Frankie” Production chose “Attraction”, “Day Dream”, “Golden Girl”, “Pink Blossom”, and “The Impact”. Clint Eagar Design Ga... Read More

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Decor With Color

Clint Eagar Design Gallery / Studio located at Santa Rosa Beach

Decorating your house with colors. When decorating your room, you should start with the theme and color. Color can change people’s mood, such as red color is hot and powerful, while blue color is calm and relax,…,etc. You can choose the color based on your personal preference or you can choose a color scheme from your favorite artwork. In this contemporary room, we used the gray shade in the artwork to paint the wall, and gold color for... Read More

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VW Bus Decorative Box The VW Bus Decorative Box is based on Clint Eagar's acrylic on canvas painting "High Times", The painting catching the lifestyle of the Vintage Surf culture, with its wonderful theme and color palette. This Vintage look comes through perfectly in this detailed VW bus with palms trees and surf board, and the VW bus contains 21 windown with roof top roof in the beach theme. Text... Read More

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Landscape Collection

Modern artwork with palm trees from our Santa Rosa Beach art gallery. | Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach , near Destin, Panama City

Santa Rosa Beach, FL, June 10, 2017:  Clint Eagar Design, a Florida based design firm that creates fine art, home accents, and custom design services, introduces a new Landscape collection. This latest beautiful coastal landscape, is in true character of the Florida panhandle scenery, along the Emerald coast. Clint has captured this with wonderful deep tones and shades of color and light. Using strokes of soft blues, lavenders, pinks and yellows... Read More

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HFN Magazine Featured Clint Eagar’s “Octopus Bowl”

Santa Rosa, FL, May 26, 2017: Clint Eagar Design, a Florida based design firm that provides fine art, home accents, and custom design services announces that Clint Eagar's new design "Octopus Bowl" was featured on HFN Magazine.  Clint designed the sculpture along with his ocean themed home decor accessories, this octopus bowl is great in both decor and functionality.    Visit Clint Eagar Design Art Gallery / Studio located in Santa Rosa ... Read More

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Artwork Featured on Netflix “Grace and Frankie”

Santa Rosa Beach, FL May 24, 2017: Clint Eagar Design, a Florida based design firm that creates fine art,  home accents, and custom design services, announces that “Pink Blossom” is going to be featured on Netflix “Grace and Frankie” Season 4. Please visit: for other artworks to be featured on the show.

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