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Influenced by Clint Eagar’s recent┬ásafari trip in Tanzania, he shot & collected over 3000 images of a wide scope of wildlife. Collecting many references and sketching settings live on the trip. Being from South Africa, Clint has many great memories of trips to Kruger and other recerves around the country. Seeing many scenes such as this over the years, gave him a great perspective and feeling in creating this scene. Having a great love of birds since childhood, Clint always tries to have birds as part of his compositions to set the mood and region in his wildlife works. The birds flying and walking in this scene, give the piece great energy and depth of color and perspective.

The background has tremendous mixes of color and depth, showing a story of the rugged vegetation and a broken tree, most likely from elephants visiting the water hole over time. The savanna colors, contrasting against the white bleached rocks, is a very African scene, and makes the water look that much more inviting on a hot day. The Kudu standing calmly in the water savouring the moment of peace and refreshment, makes the water and reflections feel calming in the compostion.

This piece has been created with acrylic on gesso board. The original is 30×36″ and created in such a way as too have a smooth surface to create the techniques needed by the artist. It depicts the wonderful diversity of animals often seen at a water hole. The bright sunlight hitting the Kudu, in a setting of Carmine bee eaters, and Guinea fowl coming to the waters edge. The rough rocks and terrain in the background, set off this piece beautifully.



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