Floral Fine Art from Clint Eagar Design Art Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach. Art Gallery near Destin, Panama City.

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Fine art in pinks and goldA closeup of Pink Blossom - modern floral artworkPink Blossom artwork


Acrylic on canvas – Featured on Netflix “Grace and Frankie” Season 4.

Pink Blossom-is a new piece in a fresh flower series, created and designed by Clint Eagar. With a textured background and layers of rich Florentine Gold, and bright Gold, with the addition of Gold leaf and washes of gold acrylic. This creates a wonderful depth of color, textures and movement around the soft but vibrant blossom. The subject has on trend soft colors, of Tones of pink, and soft blue, and lavender grays, with soft reflections of light, throughout the petals. The flower appears to lift right from the canvas, with all its dimension and shading. Just beautiful!

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Giclee on canvas 24" x 24", Giclee on canvas 40" x 40"