Sailing Sunset Fine Art Painting from Clint Eagar Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL | Gallery near Destin, Panama City, FL

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Into The Sunset |Fine Art | Acrylic on Canvas

With flowing surf hitting the hull as the boat cuts through the coastal waters, you feel immediately at peace with this new work. The stunning colors of the sunset, reflecting onto the sails and across the top of the boat is majestic. This acrylic on canvas has a subtle texture throughout the surface, giving the painting a rich classic feel. The ocean water has an array of color mirroring the sky in golds and soft greys, as the boat faces the end of the day’s sailing. The perspective of the clouds in the sky not only shows depth within the painting, but its composition from sky, down through the sails, mast and into the rear of the sailboat into the ocean just seems to flow so beautifully.

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Print on paper 20"x20", Print on Canvas 24" x 24", Print on Canvas 40" x 40"

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