Sea Gull Painting from Clint Eagar Design Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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Clint Eagar Design Gallery offers fine art, sculpture, art decor. Gallery is located on 30A in Grayton Beach, FL


“The Beach Boss” perfect title for this lil guy patrolling along his stretch of beach. The pose is unconventional with a low perspective, and birds eye view of the waters edge. The time of day is what makes this piece so magical with its light source. The warm sun touching the feathers on the birds head and rear is gorgeous. The subtle reflections and silhouette of the seagull on the wet sand just touch by the tide, draws your eyes into the depth of the piece. You can feel the water and flow of the white water, softly around the birds feet. Wonderful and charming piece.

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Original, Canvas Print 12"x24", Canvas Print 18"x36"

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