I was raised and educated in South Africa. Finding my interest in art at a young age, I later attended ABM, the Johannesburg School of Art, there I was able to nurture my interest and skills in Perspective drawing, Painting, Mixed Media and Sculpture.

After immigrating to the States, I attended the Fashion and Arts Institute in Dallas, TX. Since then starting my career in the publishing business, my work, Originals, Lithographs, and prints have been distributed internationally, in Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, Australia and North America. With a wide scope of talent and abilities, I stepped into a Director’s position at an early age in the Gift Industry, designing, and developing consumer goods in the South Pacific Rim. I have run my own international trading company for many years and worked and consulted in many related industries. From Industrial Design in laminates in Europe and Golf and Sports and Fitness industry, it has been a career in a wide scope of design and product development work.  

My recent work “Golden Girl”, “Day Dream”, “Impact”, “Attraction”, and “Pink Blossom” have been featured on Netflix “Grace and Frankie” Season 4 filming;  my “Octopus Decorative Bowl” design is featured on HFN Magazine and my “The Splash” is featured on Home Accents Today magazine.  I have many interests, racing and diving are some of my most favorite activities, and this is expressed in many of my fine art paintings.

I hope my work brings inspiration in your life.

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